101 to 69 !

101 to 69 !

101 to 69 ! 738 742 admin

101 to 69 !!!!

Hussain A. Dhanaliwala

Yes you read that right – a whopping 32 kgs of systematic weight loss!

Hi this is Hussain,a newbie member of CRKS – Chennai Runner’s Kilpauk Striders .

My journey of fitness started one fine day when I casually checked my weight and it had clocked a big 101 on the weighing scale. This was a shocker. I knew I was gaining weight but never imagined it was sooo much. So it struck me very hard at that point that I really had to do something about it.

Being a foodie I wanted to do something which would not effect my eating habits a lot(meaning a big NO for dieting ). So I went online as we all now normally do, and which ever page I opened it would always first quote walking to be the best exercise. So that was it. I got that plan in my head and now it was time for execution.

I read that to lose weight we need to bring down the calorie intake ratio to the calorie burn ratio, so I set a small goal for myself of 10000 steps per day. Well, it was as simple as that, no change in diet at all.

I downloaded an app from playstore which would count my steps and started my journey.

To my surprise, when I got to 1500 steps on the first day, my calf muscles started hurting. I had to take a break for 2 days as my calf muscles needed to get back to normal condition.

So from the fourth day I brought down my goal to a realistic 2000 steps and worked up to 10000 steps per day in 2 months time. Yes, it takes time!

Then came the simple calculation – If a person without changing his diet takes 10000 BRISK STEPS per day, he can lose 40gms per day which eventually totals to 1000gms or 1 kg per month!

I followed this month on month and in 24 months lost a whooping 32 kgs! With no dieting and nothing else but bringing in BRISK walking of 10000 steps per day!

Now to start with the journey of running. I saw many people participating in races and marathons in the city, which left me wondering if I could run.

So i tried slow running and to my suprise I had build up enough strength in my calf muscles by then that slow running was actually easier for me than the 10000 brisk walking steps!

My very first 10k was in a time of 75 minutes, which considering the time I had been running was an achievement that thrilled me and kept me going!

So to all those people who want to lose weight and start running, do follow these simple steps and you will see yourself turn into what you want, slowly but steadily