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About the chapter: Ambattur Arimass

A bunch of insomniacs with an appetite for endorphins. We run and ride around Ambattur and Avadi.

Co-ordinator’s Details


Weekly Schedule

Day  Time Activity Starting point
SUNDAY              Nil          Rest/Cross Training       Thiruvenkata Nagar Park     
TUESDAY 6:00 Tempo Thiruvenkata Nagar Park
WEDNESDAY 6:00 Strengthening Thiruvenkata Nagar Park
THURSDAY 6:00 Intervals/Hill Sprints Thiruvenkata Nagar Park
FRIDAY 6:00 Cross Training Thiruvenkata Nagar Park
SATURDAY 6:00 LSD Thiruvenkata Nagar Park

About the Chapter: Bessie Flyers

The Bessie chapter of Chennai Runners, known for being an effervescent and fun-loving bunch, is one of the oldest chapters in CR history.
Our run routes typically include a lot of the classical elements that define Chennai as a city. The runners get a glimpse of the rising sun when they finish strong on the Bessie beach; Running through long, and winding roads covered by a canopy of trees while crossing the Theosophical Society; Battling traffic even in the wee hours of the morning, while running over the Adyar flyover.

The city of Chennai is used to seeing Bessie in the light of the evening. Join us to get a different perspective. We seem to love it. How about you?

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Weekly Schedule

Day                     Time          Activity          Starting point       
TUESDAY 5:15 AM Tempo Run Reebok Showroom
THURSDAY 5:15 AM Interval Run Reebok Showroom
SATURDAY 5:15 AM LSD Run Reebok Showroom



About the chapter – Chrompet Cheetahs

Inspired by Chennai Runners, four members belonging to the neighborhood who are also connected to the runner group represented its Chromepet Chapter. The group currently has people from various quarters of life. But what unites us all is the sheer motivation to win and lead a healthy life. Our day kicks off at 5.15 am where the active group members meet near GST Road and run till 7am. We do this during the weekdays. On Saturdays, we indulge into other activities like cycling, swimming etc. We also do beach workouts and group outings once in a quarter.

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Weekly Schedule

Day                   Time            Activity                                   Starting point
Tuesday 5:15 am Core & Strengthening Buhari Hotel, Chromepet
Wednesday 5:15 am Tempo Run MIT Annexe, Chromepet
Thursday 5:15 am Circuit Training Buhari Hotel / MIT Annexe
Friday 5:15 am Interval / Hill run MIT Annexe / Perungalathur
Saturday 6:00 am Cross training Hilton swimming pool, Chromepet
Sunday 5:00 am LSD Mahindra City / OTA (St. Thomas Mt.)

About the chapter – Coastal Runners

There comes a time when we want to jog, to run, to leap across! The first step, is all it takes to traverse the leap of faith!!

Coastal Runners, make this easier than it could be, by tenderly guiding this progression from the couch to the road. What started as a casual chatty run between few runners in the year 2014 has now caught on and the team is at 25 – 30 people strong. Starting at the police booth on the beach road, we run predominantly along the scenic coast.

We follow a Tuesday – Sprint/Speed training, Thursday – Endurance/Tempo Training and a Saturday/Sunday – Long Distance Run. We also have a Running ABCs session guided by Vidyuth.

Our chapter carries the unique feature 2 of the founders of the Chennai runners- Harican and Vidyuth being strongly associated with it.

Co-ordinator’s Details

Ramkumar- 9962677053
Raj- 9886121010

Day                             Time                Activity                                        Starting point
SUNDAY 5:00 a.m Long Slow Distance Run CLASSIC ROUTE
TUESDAY 5:15 a.m Speed Interval Runs Police Booth, Beach Road, Thiruvanmiyiur
THURSDAY 5:00 a.m Tempo Run Police Booth, Beach Road, Thiruvanmiyiur
FRIDAY 5:15 a.m Running ABC’s 4th Seaward , Valmiki Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur

Weekly Schedule

About the chapter – Forest Gumps

A running group comprising students, staff and faculty of IIT Madras

Co-ordinator’s Details

Omkar- 8754500606
Pritesh- 9790708702

Weekly Schedule


Day Time Activity Starting point

About the chapter – Kilpauk Striders

One of the latest chapters of Chennai Runners, the Kilpauk Striders have given people in and around Kilpauk the leap of faith in fitness. Founded by Sachin and Vikash in January 2015, CRKS today is a 100+ member group and growing by the day. With fixed weekly schedules and by keeping fun in the fundamentals, every runner’s friends, family members and those in their contact sphere are participating.

It has been our endeavour and vision to keep the culture of the group intact and implement new strategies. CRKS – One more mile!

Co-ordinator’s Details

Dipesh 9840033011
Mahaveer 9381000182

Weekly Schedule

Day                     Time            Activity                                    Starting point
SUNDAY 05:30 AM Reebok Running Squad Tower Park – Annanagar
MONDAY Weekly Off
TUESDAY 05:00 AM Tempo Run 5k, 7k and 10k Ewart School – Kilpauk
WEDNESDAY 05:00 AM Strength Session Corporation Ground – Spurk Tank Road, Chetpet.
THURSDAY 05:00 AM Interval Training Ewart School – Kilpauk
FRIDAY 05:00 AM Cross Training – Cycling Ewart School – Kilpauk
SATURDAY 04:30 AM LSD 10k, 15k and 20k Ewart School – Kilpauk

About the chapter – Marina Minnals

Marina Minnals, the Marina Lighthouse chapter of Chennai Runners was born on 13th August 2013. We are a growing tribe of recreational runners who take the words “run for fun” very seriously.

We pride ourselves as being a bunch of cosmopolitan and fun-loving folk traveling to the Marina from different parts of the city in the wee hours, just for a run, a few laughs and a variety of goodies. Yes, we Minnals take our post-run goodies very seriously as well. If you are a Minnal and have traveled out of town, you are morally bound to return with some edible speciality of the place you have visited. That’s the unwritten rule.

The Minnals are one big family and have been like an anchor for so many who were new to Chennai and instantly found friends and felt at home, once they came along into our fold.

Even though we have so much fun, our chapter boasts runners, triathletes, bicyclists and fitness enthusiasts with a slew of achievements under their belts.

We train hard for events and party harder once we cross the finish line! And you can usually hear us even before you see us. We like it that way. #minnalda

Co-ordinator’s Details

Haranitha- 9884040284
Vishwanathan- 9176791931

Weekly Schedule

Day                        Time          Activity                                                                             Starting point
SUNDAY 5:00am LSD(long slow distance) running Lighthouse, Marina Beach
MONDAY Rest day
TUESDAY 5:00am Flyover Repeats(running) Lighthouse, Marina Beach
WEDNESDAY 4:50am Strength Training(paid session) Anna University Playground
THURSDAY 5:00am Tempo run Lighthouse, Marina Beach
FRIDAY 4:50am Track run and Running Drills(paid session) Anna University Playground
SATURDAY 5:00am Strength Training(paid session) Lighthouse, Marina Beach

About the chapter – Mogappair Fitness Circle

Mogappair Fitness Circle (MFC) is a voluntary, regular social running/cycling/swimming group with a bunch of enthusiastic personalities with a wider spectrum from Beginners to Elite. The age group is between 18 & 65 (yes, you read it right – 65) and has occasional participation from kids too. The profile of these runners vary from Students to Senior Corporate Executives, Software, Engineering Professionals, Professional athletes, Home makers, Businessmen etc and are from both the genders.We consort beginners, guide them on proper running postures and motivate them till they graduate. We never leave beginners behind!

Our network is growing exponentially and has active followers on and off the online space. The group has had a large scale participation in major events like Wipro Chennai Marathon, Chennai Trail Marathon, Tour of Tamilnadu (Cycling), Chennai Heritage Marathon, Terry Fox run, Race against Cancer , Reebok City Run, Adi Pro run, Puma Urban Stampede, Coimbatore Marathon, Brevet Rides(Cycling) etc to name a few.

We pledge our commitment to spread the wellness in Mogappair neighbourhood. The team is active in Whatsapp, Telegram, FaceBook and Twitter. Kindly Inbox us (thro Facebook chat/messenger) your mobile number to get updates on running schedules. The group is built on volunteering and is open to taking in new, like-minded members. No fees for joining!

So, go ahead & get yourself into a new Circle – Mogappair Fitness Circle!

Co-ordinator’s Details

Ganesan    9940619096
Gayathri   9443277266

Weekly Schedule

Day                          Time         Activity                                                                     Starting point                                                                                                                     
SUNDAY 05:30 Strength Session in association with RRS Tower Park, Anna Nagar
MONDAY Rest day
TUESDAY 05:00 Easy Run / Tempo Run Pasumai Pazhamudir Nilayam, behind Mogappair West Bus Terminus
WEDNESDAY 05:00 Strength Session / Cross training – Cycling SDAT Basket ball court / Dominos Pizza Nolambur
THURSDAY 05:00 Interval training / Flyover Repeats Pasumai Pazhamudir Nilayam, behind Mogappair West Bus Terminus / Millennium Park on Park Road
FRIDAY 05:00 Strength Session / Cross training – Cycling SDAT Basket ball court / Dominos Pizza Nolambur
SATURDAY 05:00 LSD Pasumai Pazhamudir Nilayam, behind Mogappair West Bus Terminus


About the chapter – Nungambakkam Nitros

Nungambakkam Nitros was formed as the first chapter of the Chennai Runners. They are a motely group of runners, drawn from various walks of life, who run down Nungambakkam High Road and go all the way to the Marina Gandhi Statue and back, every Tuesdays’, Thursdays’ and Saturdays’ mornings’. They start their run at 5:15 a.m. There is a system whereby new runners are guided by the experienced ones. The schedule includes a perfect blend of tempo runs, interval runs and long-distance runs.

Co-ordinator’s Details

Nishanth 9952036191
Rachana 9840736062

Weekly Schedule

Day                     Time         Activity             Starting point
SUNDAY 6am Core workout Haddows Park
TUESDAY 5.30am Sprint SDAT Ground
THURSDAY 5.30am Tempo Run Haddows Park
SATURDAY 5.30am LSD Haddows Park

About the chapter – OMR Trailblazers

OMR Trailblazers, a chapter of Chennai runners, has been blazing the trails of South Chennai for the last 2 years. In the concrete jungle of Chennai’s IT Corridor, this Chapter has discovered pollution free running trails across hamlets winding through paddy fields, lakes, forest cover and hill tops. In addition to Running, the Chapter engages in a variety of activities with emphasis of Fun and Fitness including strength training, cycling and more. The vast stretch of OMR is covered the Chapter with multiple running locations during weekdays, culminating at one point during weekends.  The virtuous cycle of running and fitness activities has successfully spread the positive virus among IT minds to improve their quality of life and successfully knit the social fabric by bringing together condominiums through the trail of running.

Co-ordinator’s Details

Muthu- 9176611908
Dr. Rajendran- 9894185521

Weekly Schedule

Day Time Activity Starting point
MONDAY 5.15 am Run Bollineni Hillside, Classic Farms and Casa Grande Pavillion
MONDAY 5.30 am Core Strengthening DLF Garden City
TUESDAY 5.15 am Run DLF Garden City
TUESDAY 5.30 am Core Strengthening Bollineni Hillside, Classic Farms and Casa Grande Pavillion
WEDNESDAY 5.15 am Run Bollineni Hillside, Classic Farms and Casa Grande Pavillion
WEDNESDAY 5.30 am Core Strengthening DLF Garden City
THURSDAY 5.15 am Run DLF Garden City
THURSDAY 5.30 am Core Strengthening Bollineni Hillside and Classic Farms
FRIDAY 5.30 am Core Strengthening Casa Grande Pavillion
SATURDAY 5.15 am Run – LSD DLF Garden City

About the chapter – Pettai Rappers

Alwarpet is the birth place of Chennai Runners. A group of well-heeled runners congregate here every Tue/Thu/Sun morning, alternating between Dimensions Gym on C.P.Ramaswamy road & outside The Madras Boat Club. Tuesdays are for Flyover Repeats / Speed Intervals. Thursdays for Tempo Runs & Sundays for LSD. We also occasionally do the “Gandhi Vanakkam Run” – a run to the beach to pay homage at the Gandhi statue at Marina beach. Another ritual is the group photo (recently amended to ‘Group Selfie’) on the Punjab National Bank steps followed by Hot Filter Kaapi at the local Coffee house. The Pettairappers chapter welcomes beginners to join them on any running day – invariably, you will find someone who will not only run with you but also pass on a lot of enthusiasm & gyaan!

Co-ordinator’s Details

Elango 9840046744
Vinod 9840241121

Weekly Schedule

Day                          Time        Activity                                                                                                  Starting point
SUNDAY 5.00 LSD Run Dimensions Gym
MONDAY Weekly Off
TUESDAY 5.00 Speed Intervals/Flyover Repeats/Gandhi Vanakkam Dimensions Gym
THURSDAY 5.00 Tempo Runs Outside Madras Boat Club
SATURDAY 6.00 Beginners Run Dimensions Gym

About the chapter – Pillar Pacers

We run.
We have fun.
We fall down.
We bounce back.
We support.
We motivate.
We celebrate.
We travel to run.
We are passionate about fitness.
We deal with injuries.
We recover.
We laugh.
We dare.
We are friends.
We are family.
We are CRPP.

Chennai Runner Pillar Pacers (CRPP) was formed in 2013 by our iconic runner, Kannan Sankarambadi. Like-minded people, who have passion for running and healthy living, joined hands together and started spreading awareness on the joy of running in and around Ashok Nagar. The runs are always chatty with experienced runners guiding the newbies and focusing on the safety of runners. Uniqueness of CRPP is to have runners from 4 years to 65 years and almost a family

We meet thrice a week. Tuesdays at Sivan Park. Thursdays and Saturdays at Ashok Pillar.

Co-ordinator’s Details

Badrinath 9840025150
Gayathri 9840920236

Weekly Schedule


Day                       Time                               Activity                                                                          Starting point
SUNDAY 4:45 a.m LSD 15-30K depends on the season/event PGH, kk Nagar
TUESDAY Assemble @  5a.m 3-6k run Sivan park, kknagar
THURSDAY 5 a.m 6-8k  or Tempo Run HSB, Ashok Pillar
SATURDAY 5 a.m 6-10k HSB, Ashok Pillar

About the chapter – Porur Racers

The chapter Porur Racers started with just a couple of runners in 2012 and slowly but steadily increased its members.  First with few from a community complex joining as a group, has now grown with its members strength crossing 100 plus and expanded geographically as well, with members from  lots of area around Porur,  like, Ramapuram, Valasaravakkam,  Ayyappanthangal, Kattupakkam, etc joining regularly for the run.   What started as a just a running group is now grown stronger with cycling, swimming etc.   The group started with people from couch to 10 k, now proud to have many Full and Ultra Marathoners and few triathletes.

Co-ordinator’s Details

Anandraj 9629666307
Senthil 9840418141

Weekly Schedule

Day                       Time     Activity                                       Starting point
SUNDAY 5.00 Long Run Different locations
TUESDAY 5.15 Running La Celeste, Madanandapuram
WEDNESDAY 5.30 Core Strengthening La Celeste, Madanandapuram
THURSDAY 5.15 Running La Celeste, Madanandapuram
FRIDAY 5.30 Cross Training (Cycling) La Celeste, Madanandapuram
SATURDAY 5.30 Core Strengthening La Celeste, Madanandapuram

About the chapter – Tambaram Thunderbolts

Tambaram Thunderbolts is the local running chapter of Chennai Runners, near Tambaram. The runners are from Selaiyur, Madambakkam, Rajakilpakkam, Mudichur, Medavakkam, and nearby areas in East Tambaram. We usually start from Bharath University but also run occasionally in Perugalathur Hills, Outer Ring Road and Tambaram Railway grounds. We also cycle and swim regularly.

Co-ordinator’s Details

Anbu 9840548409


Weekly Schedule

Day                     Time   Activity                                                                     Starting point
SUNDAY 4.30 Long Slow Cycle Camp Road or CCD, Rajakilpakkam
MONDAY 5.30 Easy Run (or) Easy Cycle Bharath University
TUESDAY 5.30 Interval Run (or) Hill Intervals Run Railways Ground (or) Bharath University (or) Perungalathur Hills
WEDNESDAY 5.30 Core & Strengthening Railways Ground
THURSDAY 5.30 Tempo Run (or) Hill Tempo Run Bharath University
FRIDAY 5.30 Easy Cycle (or) Interval Cycle (Or) Easy Run Bharath University (or) Perungalathur Hills
SATURDAY 4.30 Long Slow Distance Run Bharath University

About the chapter – T Nagar Trendsetters

Chennai Runners T Nagar Trendsetters focusses on promoting running as the primary activity towards healthy lifestyle and wellness in the neighborhood.

Co-ordinator’s Details

Srinivas- 9500004018
Ram Koundinya- 9940614910

Weekly Schedule

Day Time Activity Starting point
SUNDAY 5AM Running Panagal Park Main Entrance
TUESDAY 5 AM Running Panagal Park Main Entrance
WEDNESDAY 5 AM Natesan Park – Skating Ring Strength Training
THURSDAY 5 AM Running Panagal Park Main Entrance
FRIDAY 5 AM Running Panagal Park Main Entrance
SATURDAY 5 AM Somasundaram Ground – Basketball Court Strength Training



About the chapter – Tower Twisters

Tower Twisters is the Anna Nagar chapter of the Chennai Runners.Fondly known as TWISTERHOOD, We are an incredible group of people, of all ages amalgamated by our love for being FIT.Growing from small group of 5 to a large hood of over 350 runners & still counting… The last 2 years have been a rewarding journey for many. Setting new benchmarks, our podium finishers have brought many accolades to our group.
At Twisterhood we have various health activities like:
– Running
– Biking
– Yoga
– Strength Training
Being part of the group encourages one to stay on track with their fitness goal.
Twisterhood, are a family.
Together we help each other scale new heights…

Co-ordinator’s Details

Rupendra 9840072419
Premila 9840233233

Weekly Schedule

Day                     Time       Activity                                             Starting point
SUNDAY 4:50am CYCLING Bouganvilla Park
TUESDAY 5am TEMPO / BEGINNERS  Run Bouganvilla Park
THURSDAY 5am HILL / INTERVAL RUN Padi flyover / Bouganvilla park
SATURDAY 4:45am LSD Tower Park(East Gate)

About the chapter – Vibrant Velachery

Where it got its name from? Vibrant – Full of energy/ enthu’s, Velachery – to define its location.Having said that Vibrant – highly enthusiastic soles, are not happy with Running, LSD etc., enthu’s decided to cross training with Cycling and swimming with strengthening and core workout. This derived the triathletes in the runners.Yes Vibrant Velchery is group of Running enthu’s, hard core Cyclist, Do more Triathletes.

Co-ordinator’s Details

Sundarapandian 9600056467
Sharmila 9791008049

Weekly Schedule

Day                       Time                             Activity                                                              Starting point
TUESDAY 5.30am – 6.45am Running 3km, 6km, 8km and 10km Opposite to MRTS, Stretches at MRTS Parking.
THURSDAY 5.30am – 6.45am Running 3km, 6km, 8km and 10km Opposite to MRTS, Stretches at MRTS Parking.
FRIDAY 5.30am – 6.45am Strengthen session MRTS Parking
SATURDAY 5.30am – 7.30am LSD Opposite to MRTS, Stretches at MRTS Parking.
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