Go the Distance

Go the Distance

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There are a few things in this world that has the power to transform our entire life and personality, and running is definitely one of them. There is a clear demarcation in the lifestyle of a person before and after he starts running regularly. And once you get hooked, there is seldom a way out of this addictive lifestyle. Running brings about so many changes—physical, mental and emotional—and it often reflects in our day-to-day life.

Chennai runners go by the mantra “Do more… start running.” And yes, once you start running, you truly start doing so much more with your life. The abundance of energy and enthusiasm that runners have is very infectious. You don’t believe me? Just go to any of the running chapters when they are clicking the group photo at the end of a run. The noise that they raise will leave your ears ringing. Here are some of the traits that runners develop along with their endurance, lung power and leg muscles.

Flexing the Will

The biggest exercise that a runner does before every run is getting out of bed. Ask any runner about what is their biggest challenge, and 99.9% will say that waking up, brushing, getting into dry fits—and worst of all—pulling socks up and lacing shoes when the whole household is snoring away to glory.

The role of will power does not end there. To run just another 200 meters so that the distance totals to 16 km, when every muscle is pleading you to stop. While it may be easier to round up, the last 200m still gets done because of Strava (the social network for athletes) and the WILL, of course.

This will power reflects even in our everyday lives. It gives runners the extra edge to bite the bullet and power through trying circumstances. Because that is exactly what they train their mind to do in long distance runs.


Running demands a lot of discipline from the runner. Runners can’t chose to be sporadic and have a lackadaisical attitude when it comes to running.

If there is no discipline to stick to the training plan, do strength training regularly, go to bed early and get enough sleep, then forget about enjoying race day. It will be as if you are sleep running through an endless nightmare with a pulled IT band, cramped calves and splinting shins, as blurs of sweaty bodies whiz by you and your face is captured in a “screwed up in pain and why am I not dead already” expression which will be plastered in social media by freelance photographers.

Most runners would have experienced the trials of being undisciplined and the lessons learnt make their whole life disciplined.


The most important trait that a runner develops as he conquers more and more distance in lesser and lesser time is the tremendous amount of self-confidence—in himself, his body and his ability. Runners swag is a true thing. A runner can never stop from blowing his own trumpet about how he is a runner and how he did a half marathon and how cool his Garmin is.

But, on a serious note, the revelation that I am capable of all this and more makes one push the boundaries—not only in running but also in other aspects of life. All difficulties transform into a challenge to be conquered, a barrier to be broken and a personal best to be achieved.

Forget about all those self-help books to transform your life. Just join your nearest Chennai Runners chapter and take charge of your life.