Stories of Strength – Surging Ahead

Stories of Strength – Surging Ahead

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Stories of Strength – Surging Ahead

by Hiren Dani

Feb 2013- I had a new job offer. As per usual practice I was required to go for a pre employment medical check-up. The hospital preferred by the company was too far from my place. So, I decided to do it on my own at a hospital nearby. On 5.30 AM on a Saturday, I reached the hospital. They asked me what tests needed to be done and I was clueless. I had not asked that to the HR of the prospective employer. Now that I had already reached the hospital, spoiling the sweet sleep of a Saturday morning, I decided to go for the platinum plan which included everything – may be a couple of additional tests so that I didn’t have to come again. After the usual check up, they called the doctor and he asked me to go for a CT scan as they saw my left kidney out of shape with a lump at the bottom. After the CT scan, it was concluded that surgery was needed to get rid of that lump.

My world had turned upside down. I had no options, so it was a lightning fast decision to go for the surgery. It was recommended to have 30% kidney dissected. But only during the surgery did they find that the lump had covered more than 70% of the kidney. So doctors made a decision in the operation theatre to remove the entire kidney. After surgery, the doctors showed the removed kidney to my family. It had turned completely black. At the time of discharge, I was told that I must ensure that during the rest of my life, I should not get Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol or any other such diseases. These diseases have a direct impact on kidney and I have only one to live with. Also, with only one kidney I was more vulnerable to such diseases. At that time I was a little more than 90 kgs. I was advised to reduce weight.

Within a span of 15 days, from 23rd Feb ’13 to 8th Mar ’13, everything had changed for me. Slowly, I started getting back to normal life. I started walking 2 hours daily. I tried running in between but I was not able to run more than 200 mtrs due to pain

End of 2015, I joined CR MFC and there has been no turning back since. I ran my very first HM in TWCM 16 in 2.39.39. A year later, in Jan 2018, I ran my first FM in Mumbai (TMM). By now I have run 41 HM (times I crossed 21.1 k mark not necessarily an event), 2 FM, 2 – 6 hours stadium runs, Jawadhu Hills, Ooty Ultra et al. I have run in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and of course in Chennai.

Now, I firmly believe that my determination to run has won over my physical condition. If one is determined, nothing can come in way.