Yoga For Invigorating the Runner in You

Yoga For Invigorating the Runner in You

Yoga For Invigorating the Runner in You 1462 1700 admin

Yoga For Invigorating the Runner in You

By KalyaniAnand

In the world of future plans, LIC policies, EMIʼs, shares,chit funds, IIT coaching, NEET coaching and what not, man has completely forgotten live in the moment. He is under constant pressure to secure his future in this fast-paced cruel world. But what is the use of worrying about the future if you cannot enjoy the present?

Our ancient scholars had already deciphered manʼs pathetic state and gave him the divine solution that made him realise that the solution to his worldly problems was present inside him. After years of strenuous practice, they presented to the world, the divine art of Yoga.

According to one renowned yogi, “Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists”. Our yogis had devised various practices for different kinds of people and split yoga into three main types such as Raja yoga, Hatha yoga and Karma yoga.

The type of yoga that taken the world by storm and has been influencing the lives of millions is Hatha Yoga, which is a collection of all asanas(postures), meditation and nidras that help us align our body to the inner soul driven by Prana. It is said to physically and spiritually connect the systems in our body to the universe around us. It helps us “unite” (yoga- yuj) with the flow of the cosmos and sets mental stability within. This type of yoga was devised for men who perform all kinds of activities in our world.

Runners are one convoy of people who never seem to rest in their laurels.Be it personal bests or marathons or time-trials, they are always on the quest for more. There is a constant need to prove, even if only to themselves, that they are capable of better. Their bodies areprone to injury as running is a repetitive activity and strains the lower muscular systems more than any other part of the body. They often complain of back pain, stiffness of leg muscles, fatigue and so on. Constant activity ultimately leads to injury.

Yoga in this juncture comes as a tool which keeps a runner always on track. It gives physical strength, flexibility, balance, mental strength and inner peace that helps runners rejuvenate their bodies and push themselves more. That it makes the body flexible is obvious but it also helps with the correct form of breathing which is very essential when running to maintain pace. It strengthens the core muscles and makes then endure longer durations of strenuous activities. Lastly it de-stresses the body.

Thus, yoga unites the mind, body and soul of a runner, keeps his body in balance with the surroundings

and makes him live in flow with nature.